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Restoring Ukraine: Parallels Between Visegrad Group and East Germany in the 90s

Autor: Puzikova, Valentyna
Nummer: 716, Feb 2024, pp. 49
JEL-Class: F21; F50; F60

Ukraine's post-conflict economy needs new opportunities to grow because it has not been able to rebuild itself economically. As we live in an era of globalization, it is crucial that national economies - especially Ukraine's - meet the demands of the international community. With its advantageous geo-economic position between the East and the West, its geographic centre within Europe, and its abundance of natural resources, Ukraine has every opportunity to become a truly vital component of the global economy. These days, the subject of Ukraine comes up frequently in conversations with a wide variety of people. Unfortunately, there isn’t a consensus on a single strategy for solving the goal-setting conundrum and a precise algorithm for achieving that goal. To date, there isn’t the single national recovery plan with legal status that other recovery actors can use as a tactical weapon. To develop a model of Ukraine's post-war economic recovery, to define the country's recovery goal, and to provide an answer to the question of how to get there, in this essay I have tried to examine the experience of other countries that have recovered economically from crises. The focus is on the study of the Visegrad Group and East Germany during the 1990s. I have attempted to organize the major inluences and theories that might be relevant to the study of Ukraine's restoration.


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